U.S. Geography   Students can practice learning placement of states, state capitals, major cities, rivers and lakes, and land features in the United States

National Geographic   The website includes magazine articles, maps, and many things related to geography.

50 States   Site provides a folder for each state which is full of well organized information including maps, fast facts, places of interest, people, and much more.

Destinations   The main page of this site provides the viewer with a map of the world. Click on any country or continent or type in a name of a place and get specific maps and information

Elections the American Way   Site explains how the United States elects its President, what the electoral system is, and how elections work. Students can also learn about the political parties, campaigns, and historical views.

Mapquest   Mapquest provides the reader with directions to any place.

World Fact Book   The CIA provides good maps and lots of information for every country in the world.

Continental Drift - Paleontology and Geology Glossary   Students learn how land masses interact on earth.

Hillman's Wonders of the World   Find the top 100 wonders of the world according to traveler Hillman with locations, descriptions, and other information.

Museum of Unnatural Mystery   Unusual things in the world including UFOs, mad science, exploration mysteries, cryptozoology, weird geology, and odd archaeology.


Map Games

Slave Trade

African Cultural Center

World Factbook   for Mr. Migley's class


bbc-News-Africa   for Mr. Migley's class

Lonely Planet Desinations   For Mr. Migley's Class

geographia   For Mr. Migley's Class

Library of Congress-Country Studies   For Mr. Migley's Class

Islamic Art   Mr. Roglla's Class

I like to learn   Mr. Rogalla

Mr. Migley-statistics


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