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Behavior Expectations

  Classroom Hallway Cafeteria assembly bathroom gym/athletic Fields bus


i think about...

Bring materials to class.

Be on time.

Be respectful of others.

Think about what you need for your next class.

Be in class on time.

Lock your locker.

Wait patiently for your turn.

Stay seated.

Calm body, calm voice.

Keep hands off other people’s food.

Pay attention to the speaker.

Raise your hand if you have a question or comment.

Get in, get out.

Keep bathroom clean.

Have a pass if it is during class.

Wear appropriate clothing.

Bring sports equipment.

Pay attention and participate.

Stay in your seat.

Keep hands and head inside bus.

Sit forward.

Keep walkways clear.


i say...

Ask for help when needed.

Participate and encourage others to participate.

Raise your hand.

Say nice things.

Walk and talk.

Use inside voices.

Use appropriate language.

Say hi to others.

Use inside voices.

Be polite to lunchroom staff.

Be friendly and invite others to sit with you.

Ask your questions in a respectful manner.

Remain quiet during the entire assembly.

Tell an adult if soap or paper towels are out.

Report vandalism.

Be encouraging.

Cheer others on.

Use appropriate language.

Use inside voices.

Use appropriate language.


i do...

Help others if they have a problem.

Keep hands and feet to yourself.

Help others if they drop something.

Keep building clean.

Wave to others.

Stack trays neatly.

Clean your table.

Look at and listen to the speaker.

Politely tell people to stop talking if they are talking.

Respect other’s privacy.

Wash hands.

Play safe.

Include others.

Be fair.

Be a good sport.

Keep bus clean.

Make room for other people to sit down.

Be polite to the bus driver.