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iPad Expectations

  RESPONSIBILITY Security Safety


i think about...

  • Bring my iPad to class every day.
  • Always come to school with my iPad battery charged.
  • Leave my iPad charger at home, unless I need an emergency charge.
  • Keep my iPad in the district-issued case at all times.
  • Only use apps and websites for learning during class, as directed by my teacher.
  • Add a PIN to my iPad to protect my personal information and prevent access.
  • Keep my personal information private.
  • Always supervise my iPad and when I am not using it in school.
  • Store the iPad in my locked locker when not using it for learning in the classroom.
Make sure my iPad is in my backpack, out of sight before I leave the school.


I say...

  • Ask and get permission before taking pictures or recording others.
  • Ask a Genius Squad Member for help when I need it.


i do...

  • Use my iPad to treat others with respect.
  • Use the camera and microphone only when and where appropriate.
  • Keep the volume down while using earbuds with my iPad.
  • Handle my iPad with care.
  • Keep my iPad case clean and free of stickers, writing or other damage.
  • Use only a dry, soft cloth to clean the iPad.
Leave my iPad in my classroom or locker during
lunch and on my teacher’s desk while in the
  • Use two hands to carry my iPad when moving about in the classroom.
  • Keep my iPad on the top of other things I’m carrying.
  • Hold my iPad close to my chest with both arms when walking in the hallways.
  • Walk when I am carrying my iPad.
  • Keep my iPad away from food, beverages and other liquids.
  • Keep my iPad away from heat or cold.