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Language & Literacy

Aims of the IB-Middle Years Program:

  • Use language as a vehicle for thought, creativity, reflection, learning, and self-expression.
  • Use language as a tool for personal growth, social interaction and for developing relationships within the international community.
  • Comprehend more clearly aspects of their own culture and those of other cultures by exploring the interdependence of human beings through a variety of works.
  • Explore the many facets of the language through the use of media and information technology.
  • Develop the skills involved in speaking, listening, reading, writing and viewing in a variety of contexts.
  • Respond appropriately to a variety of texts
  • Read widely to promote a lifelong interest in language and literature
  • Develop a critical and creative approach to studying and analyzing literature.
  • Develop language skills through interdisciplinary work
  • Consider the role of literature both culturally and historically
  • Reflect on the learning process in various ways and at various stages
  • Empathize with real people and fictional characters as and when appropriate.


Courses Offered

  • Sixth Grade Readers' Workshop
  • Sixth Grade Writers' Workshop
  • English/Language Arts (ELA) 7 MYP Language and Literature
  • English/Language Arts (ELA) 8 MYP Language and Literature
  • On Track (OT) Literacy (offered at each grade level)
  • Creative Writing