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MYP Aims

The aims of the teaching and study of humanities are to encourage and enable the student to develop:

• an inquiring mind
• the skills necessary for the effective study of humanities
• a sense of time and place
• a respect for and understanding of others’ perspectives, values and attitudes
• awareness and understanding of people, cultures and events in a variety of places at different times
• an understanding of the interactions and interdependence of individuals, societies, and their environments
• an understanding of the causes and consequences of change through physical and human actions and processes
• an understanding of contemporary humanities issues
• a sense of internationalism and a desire to be proactive as a responsible global citizen
• an awareness of the connections with other subjects
• a lifelong interest in and enjoyment of humanities.

Courses Offered

Minnesota Studies 6

Students study Minnesota history and its government, placing the state and its people within the context of the national story.  They engage in historical inquiry and study events, issues and individuals significant to Minnesota history, beginning with the early indigenous people of the upper Mississippi River region to the present day.  

American Studies 7 
Highland Park Middle School gives all seventh grade students an opportunity to enroll into the American History Challenge course. This course studies the period of United States History from the Civil War to the present. Students enrolled in the American History Challenge course are expected to produce a variety of projects through classroom instruction, homework, and independent research. Teachers of the course expect their students to be self-motivated learners who are willing to ask the hard questions and do exceptional work. The American History Challenge course is designed to give the students experiences to help them with advanced placement high school courses that prepare them for college enrollment. The centerpiece of this course is the National History Day project.

Global Studies 8
Students will study the regions of the world, with an emphasis on map skills and the work of geographers, the five themes of geography, and the relationship between people and the world. Students do the work of geographers as they use maps, globes, models, graphs, and displays to collect, analyze, and display and communicate information. Students will study the physical forces that have shaped our land as well as how humans have interacted with and changed their environments.

Global Studies 8 Accelerated
In Challenge Geography, students use the tools of geographers to analyze how people are influenced by physical and cultural geography. Students will understand how regions of the world are defined by their: location, resources, population, culture, and physical features. They will also understand how global systems are interconnected. Students are engaged in rigorous academic projects such as Model United Nations, where they debate countries’ positions on selected world problems.  Both seventh and eighth grade students compete within each social studies class in the National Geographic Geography Bee at our school and at the state level. Whenever possible, students engage in civic education through activities such as Kids Voting and Constitution Day.

Spanish Immersion Global Studies and American Studies - Regular and Accelerated
The Spanish Immersion Humanities classes follow the same curriculum as the rest of the building, however the classes are taught completely in Spanish. The 7th and 8th grade students are mixed in the Spanish Immersion Humanities classes. During the 2013-2014 school year, all 7th and 8th grade students on the Immersion team will take American Studies and the 6th grade students will take Minnesota Studies. 


Parent 7th Grade History Day Letter
Here are some important dates and information on this years 7th grade History Day project.

Please remember all dates are subject to change