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Student Affinity Groups

Affinity groups meet regularly throughout the school year. Students are welcomed to join based on interest in topics. See an advisor for more information.

People Unified 
Advisor: Amy Austin
Meets: Foundations on Tuesdays, room #1319

People Unified is a student group that is working toward social inclusion for all students, focusing specifically on inclusion of students with disabilities. The group has been working with Special Olympics of Minnesota (SOMN) to increase overall awareness and do general outreach within the Highland community. People Unified is open to current Coffee Cart students.

Black Student Union (BSU) 
Advisors: Michelle Wise, Elisabeth Mulvaney
Meets: Foundations on Tuesdays, room #1323

BSU is a lunch group where Black students can openly share their experiences. Our mission is to educate and empower all students of color, while focusing specifically on experiences of Black students. We welcome allies and supporters of any racial background. Interested students should connect with one of the advisors.

ECHO (Empowering, Change, end Harassment, Own up to mistakes)
Advisors: Katie Monroe and Elisabeth Mulvaney
Meets: All lunches  on Tuesdays, room #1216

ECHO was formed by a group of students who wanted to eliminate sexual harassment within our community.  Our mission is to educate all students and staff about sexual harassment and support a positive culture within our school, creating a safer community for all. ECHO is open to all students/staff who want to find support, as well as advocate for others.

Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) 
Advisors: Elisabeth Mulvaney, Danielle Seifert
Meets: All lunches on Wednesdays, room #1216

Our GSA strives to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for the HPMS community; which includes students, staff and their families. Our goal is to foster positive self-esteem, respect for others, and academic success within our LGBTQ community. Meetings are open to all students and staff allies whether or not they identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning. GSA is open to all students.

Student Environmental Activists (SEA) 
Advisor: Nou Katzmarek
Meets: All lunches on Thursdays, room #1216

SEA was formed because a group of students feel passionate about the environment.  They want to educate, advocate, and inform our school community about climate change and how it is affecting the environment. SEA is a student led group where we discuss topics such as recycling, composting and other ways to take care of the environment. SEA is open to all students.

Familia Latinx Advisors: Camila Dávila and Camila Carroll
Meets: All lunches on Fridays, room #1416

Familia Latinx is a student group that focuses on discussing and supporting the experience of our Latinx students and families. All students are welcome. Famila Latinx is open to all students.