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November 2010 Academic Lessons


The November WEB lesson was about how good attitudes bring you up and how bad attitudes bring you down. In order to show this, the Web leaders had two balloons, one with strips of paper in it and the other with rocks in it.  They showed how the heavy balloon represents your bad attitude and how it brings you down, and how the light balloon represents your good attitude and how it brings you up. For the second activity, the students got in a circle. They made actions to someone across from them and that person had to do copy the action.

Then they did a different action  and passed that on to someone else. This was supposed to show how attitudes are contagious. After these activities, some Web leaders interviewed a couple of 7th graders. Here are some quotes from what they said about the lessons.

Niccolo from Mr. Rhoades' homeroom said he learned that, "one person can influence a lot of people." Jeremy from Ms. Vaerst's homeroom said to him "attitude determines altitude" means "how far you go in life."





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