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WEB December Academic Lessons

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The first activity involved a backpack. In the beginning, the backpackwas empty and it was easy to do the activities. Then the WEB leadersasked the students if they had ever heard other students being callednames. The students gave examples like "ugly" and "fat." The leaderwrote each word on a piece of paper and taped it to a text book. Then the leaders put the books into the backpack and now it was heavy andhard to do the activities. This activity is kind of like life becausewhen people call you names it's like wearing a heavy backpack becauseyou feel sad and you can't focus in school.

For the second activity, the WEB leaders talked about ways that students can liftpeople up instead of weighing people down. One way to lift a person up is to give them a compliment. They showed this by writing one goodthing about each person in their group. They wrote it on a label andstuck it on that person.

It's so much nicer to receive positive comments from people rather than put downs. If we could lift people up everyday instead of putting them down, school would be a lot nicer of a place to be for everyone.