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WEB - February and March

WEB February/March Academic Lessons
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This lesson was about rumors. For the activity, the class was divided into two teams. The WEB leaders passed out a sheet of paper with a story on it to the first student and that student was supposed to memorize it and tell it to the classmate next to them who was then supposed to tell it to the person next to them. Then the WEB leaders asked the team a question about the story and they were supposed to remember the part of the story that the web leader asked about. 

The WEB leader started at the end of the line and asked one student about a part in the story, and if that person got it right they would get 5 points for their team. If they were incorrect,  then the WEB leader asks the next person on the team the same question but for 4 points instead. The WEB leaders then go to the other students on the team and ask the same question until the team answers the question correctly. The team with the most points wins the game.

This activity was about rumors being spread around school and how the story changes as different people hear it. In everyday life, some people make up stories about other people. If you hear rumors in school about someone, you shouldn't believe it. Go and ask the person if it is true and don't continue spreading the rumor.