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Grade 6 students are automatically assigned a locker. Locker number and combination information can be found in the student's Campus account.

Grade 7 and 8 grade students can request a locker using the locker request form.

Locker Request Form



By accepting a locker, students agree to the following conditions governing the use of school lockers. This agreement is valid during the student's time at Highland Park Middle School. 

  1. Each student must maintain the assigned locker all school year. Any change requires administrative approval and must go through the office. 
  2. The lockers belong to the school district and students are permitted to use them as a convenience. Lockers are the property of Highland Park Middle School. If necessary, Highland Park Middle School reserves the rights to open, search and inspect your school locker without notice to the student.
  3. The school, its personnel, and the members of the school board assume no responsibility for items left in the lockers. 
  4. The student shall be totally responsible for the confidentiality of the locker combination. 
  5. Students are responsible for all contents of the locker as well as the condition of the locker itself (inside and out). Students are responsible for keeping the locker clean (free of stickers, writing, etc.). Only masking tape can be used to attach material to the inside of the locker. No material is to be pasted or glued to the inside or outside surface. Lockers must be kept free of graffiti or other damage. No permanent marking is allowed in the locker. The cost of any repairs to damaged or permanently marked lockers will be the responsibility of the student. The student will be responsible for cleaning any graffiti, residue or debris.
  6. Students must remove all belongings from the locker on the last day of school; or as directed by school administration. Students are responsible to completely clean the locker. The school is not responsible for items left in the locker after the student leaves at the end of the school year.