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Wish Lists

Highland Park Middle School Wish Lists

HPMS staff members requested the items on these lists. All items are for and will be used by students. Items purchased via Amazon wish list have the option of being sent directly to the school for your convenience. Items may also be dropped off at the front desk.

Coffee Cart

HPMS Coffee Cart employees


Coffee cart is an inclusive activity where students of all abilities work together to make and deliver coffee, tea, and baked goods to staff.  The club provides a service to staff, teaches life skills and fosters friendships between students with and without disabilities.  

The group also meets once a week during foundations to continue inclusion work with each other and school wide.  They work with Special Olympics as a Unified School to develop ideas to promote Speak Kindness and Spread the Word campaigns during the school year. 

Coffee Cart Amazon Wish List

Social Work and Counseling Team

Social Work and Counseling Team


As a social work/counseling team, we continue to seek the best, most up-to-date resources that are evidenced-based and impactful for our students. Students (and their families) report that having access to quality mental health services in school leads to improved self-esteem, less interruption in learning, increased quality of everyday life and relationships, and more self-regulation and self-awareness. Below, please find a list of items that would help our mental health team continue to thrive. Thank you for your consideration!

Social Work and Counseling Team Amazon Wish List

Life Skills

Life skills is a class that teaches shopping, cooking, and social skills to students with disabilities.  Gift cards help the class go on community outings to practice using social skills to shop and order food. 

  • Aldi, Lunds or Target gift cards ($5-10 each)
  • McDonalds gift cards ($5-10 each)
Eagle vector

6th Grade Eagles
6th Grade Chinese and Non-Immersion Team

Eagles Team Amazon Wish List

Jet vector image

7th Grade Jets
7th Grade Chinese and Non-Immersion Team

Jets Team Amazon Wish List

Shark vector image

8th Grade Sharks
8th Grade Chinese and Non-Immersion Team

Sharks Team Amazon Wish List

Puma vector

6th Grade Pumas
6th Grade Spanish Immersion Team

Pumas Team Amazon Wish List

Lobo vector

7th Grade Lobos
7th Grade Spanish Immersion Team

Lobos Team Amazon Wish List

Tecolotes vector

8th Grade Tecolotes
8th Grade Spanish Immersion Team

Tecolotes Amazon Wish List