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After-School Activities Frequently Asked Questions for 2024-2025

After-School Activities Frequently Asked Questions for 2024-2025

Outside of athletics, what after-school opportunities will be available next year?

Options for after-school activities are available but may vary by school based on staffing and student interest. Popular student activities like music, debate, and Lego League may be offered as a component of a school’s EDL (Extended Day Learning) or Flipside program. 

My child’s school will no longer be offering Flipside. What does this mean?

Flipside is a program that combines Community Education partners with licensed staff from SPPS to offer after-school enrichment opportunities four days per week. Schools that no longer offer Flipside may continue to offer EDL (Extended Day Learning) courses. These courses include an academic and/or social component but include active, hands-on, alternative learning experiences for students. Popular programs like debate, theater, music, etc. may continue to be offered through EDL and courses may also originate from local student interests. EDL programs are taught by school staff and are offered two days per week.

When will after-school activities begin?

More information about after-school classes and activities will be available after the start of the school year with a goal of programs starting by late October or early November.

Will bussing be available for after-school programs?

Bussing will depend on after-school student enrollment and driver availability. District transportation guidelines will apply to after-school routes.

If I have questions about my child's after-school activity availability, who should I go to?

Because activities will vary by school location, questions regarding your child's specific school and after-school activities should be directed to your school's principal.