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English Syllabus

English Syllabus

Course Summary for Essential English

The purpose of this class is to improve each student's reading and writing skills, as well as provide them with word knowledge.  Students will be provided with daily and weekly opportunities to read, communicate, reflect, and create.  Each student is given the Informal Reading Inventory in the fall. This instrument is used to guide reading instruction and to help focus on the area of greatest weakness that may be word identification, language comprehension, or print processing beyond word identification.  Students are given daily instruction on the Four Blocks Model, which are: Guided Reading, Self-Selected Reading, Writing, and Working with Words. The four blocks represent the different approaches to teaching students to read, and write, while also acknowledging that students differ in their literacy competence. This course also gives students an opportunity to email a collage pen pal from North Carolina under the supervision of Dr. Dave Koppenhaver, an expert on teaching students with disabilities to read and write. Throughout this course, students also have an opportunity to write on a blog and help create the blog posts. Students as well as parents and staff are encouraged to make comments about the posts.

•    read widely to promote to lifelong interest in language and literature
•    respond appropriately to a variety of texts
•    develop language skills through disciplinary work
•    use language as a tool for personal growth, social interaction and for developing relationships within the local and international community

•    use and understand an appropriate and varied range of vocabulary
•    demonstrate a critical awareness of a range of written and visual texts
•    express an informed personal response of literary and non-literary texts

Methods of Assessment

Formative and Summative Assessments Used, Including MYP

Formative- Students are encouraged to write without standards.  Students receive credit for attempting and completing these assignments.  These assessments include: email, blog, journals, daily reading activities, word wall activities, and an instructional strategy.  

Summative-Helps students judge their academic progress.  This assessment includes the Informal Reading Inventory, quizzes, and projects.

Grading and Reporting- Students will be receiving their grades every 6 weeks that assess their achievement towards learning objectives.