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Intermediate Art

Intermediate Art



Intermediate Art (Art II)

This MYP level 2 course is designed to build upon skills and learning from the introductory course.  Students must successfully complete Beginning Art before enrolling in this class.  As in BeginningArt, students will continue to make daily entries in their Process Journal (PJ), which documents their development and understanding of art.  In Intermediate Art, students will take a larger role in decision-making regarding their work.  Students will be expected to generate their own ideas, and have a more critical eye toward their art and the work of others.  Students will create in both 2 and 3 dimensions with a wider variety of media and artistic expression.  Written artist statements will accompany both oral presentations of their work, as well as preparations to exhibit their art to the broader school community.   Some unit highlights are:

  • "Study in the Elements and Principles" - short drawing practices based on the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, focusing on line to create depth, emphasis, balance, and rhythm.    


  •      "Distorting Reality: Cubist Self-Portrait" -                                                                                                                                           students will learn to draw their self-portrait in a realistic way, and then 'mess it up' to transform it into the Cubist style, like Pablo Picasso.  Students will respond to their art in a written artist statement and prepare both to display.
  • Cubist Self-Portrait
  • "Cultural Identity Mask Unit" - explore and practice basic clay techniques in order to create a mask that reflects their own culture.  This unit will conclude with the creation of a functional clay pot that will be sold as a service project.

Cultural Identity Mask


  • "Focus on Color" - discover a variety of color schemes while painting a triptych that resembles stained glass.