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Plaster, Monique

Ms. Monique Plaster

Hello Families, 

I am Monique Plaster, the 6th grade readers workshop teacher. In class we work on becoming critical readers who are able to use evidence from the stories we read to support our thinking. Reading is an integral skill to possess in order to be successful in any area of life. Therefore, we work on becoming better readers. One such way is to build our reading stamina through 30 minutes of reading homework every weeknight, and 30 minutes of reading in class. The best way to stay current with the class is through Schoology, accessible through the schoology app or at I put all of our lesson slides in our "week folders" and rubrics and assessments have their own folder to be easily accessible. If you ever have a question or concern, the best method to contact me is by email at

As for my professional background, I received my bachelors of arts in education and english (literature), a TEFL certificate (teach English as a foreign language), and a masters degree of arts in teaching. Previously to teaching at Highland, I taught online. I became a part of the Highland Park Middle School community in 2022; I have been a part of the Saint Paul Public School community much longer, ever since I was a student.

I am very excited to work with you and your students, and for them to become better readers!