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Zhang, Jiamei


Phone: 651.744.4340

Qualifications: MA in Education BA in Chinese Literation

Zhang laoshi/Ms. Zhang


你好! 我叫张佳梅。我是高园初中的中文老师。今年我将要教六到八年级的沉浸中文和中文2.




Hello students and families! My name is Jiamei Zhang and I am a Chinese teacher at Highland Park Middle School.This year I will be teaching 6th-8th grade Chinese Immersion, and I will also be teaching Chinese 2.

I originally come from China. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Chinese literature while studying at Harbin Normal University. I also earned my Master's degree in Education from Bemidji State University. In addition, I studied for my k-12 Chinese language licensure at University of Minnesota.

I started teaching Chinese in 2007 in America. I hope to create an optimal environment where students feel welcome, engaged, connected and supported. I love traveling, cooking, hiking, swimming and spending time with my husband and my daughter. I believe that one is never too old to learn something new.


Here are the links to the Chinese Immersion & Chinese 2 Syllabus:

Sixth Grade Chinese Immersion

Seventh Grade Chinese Immersion

Eighth Grace Chinese Immersion

Chinese 2