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Foundations is a daily 25 minute class where we discuss, explore and evaluate issues relevant to middle school, working together to identify and reach our goals.

Foundations Advisory

Foundations is an advisory class that helps students ease into the transition from elementary to middle school.

  • The class will help students build a community of connectedness among their classmates and their teacher.
  • The class is designed to help students feel connected to and advocated for by a team of teachers and staff.
  • Students will participate in a caring community where the focus is on real life topics such as goal-setting, digital citizenship, social-emotional learning and college and career topics. In addition, students in grades 6, 7 and 8 learn about personal financial literacy.
  • Every student participates in the full period class held every other day, or 25 minute class daily.
  • The class is graded as Pass/No Pass.